Please take note that our Pattefrenz accessories are individually handmade to order, therefore size, colour and shape may vary slightly.

It is highly recommended to state your fur-kid’s EXACT neck size and age, so that we can give the right measurement and allowance. Please be sure to order the correct sizes as returns and exchanges are no longer accepted.


Buckle Collar Size Chart
(Neck adjustable)

W: 1.5cm ……L: 22 – 28cm

W: 2.0cm……L: 28 – 40cm

W: 2.5cm……L: 36 – 52cm


Chain Collar Size Chart
(Neck adjustable)

W: 1.5cm……L: 24 – 28cm

W: 2.0cm……L: 28 – 36cm

W: 2.5cm ……L: 38 – 51cm


Martingale Collar Size Guide
(Neck adjustable)

W: 1.5cm……L: 18 – 25cm

W: 2.0cm……L: 23 – 30cm

W: 2.5cm……L: 28 – 38cm

W: 3.0cm……L: 38 – 53cm

W: 3.8cm……L: 46 – 66m


Leashes ( Not adjustable)
Available in 1.5cm/2cm/3cm/3.8cm
L: 120cm/150cm/180cm/200cm


Sailor Bowtie ( with Velcro)
Available in XS, S, M, L

Estimate Measurement 

L: Length 16cm | Height: 12.5cm

M: Length 14cm | 12cm

S: Length: 13cm | Height: 11cm

XS: Length: 10cm | Height: 9cm


Diamond Bow tie (with Velcro)
Available in XS, S, M, L

Estimate Measurement

L: Length: 17.5cm | Height: 8cm

M: Length: 14.5cm | 7cm

S: Length: 13.5cm | Height: 6cm

XS: Length: 11.5cm | 5.5cm


Tuxedo  Bowtie ( With Velcro)
Available in XS, S, M, L

Estimate Measurement

L: Length: 18cm | Height: 13cm

M: Length 15cm | Height: 10cm

S: Length: 14cm | Height: 9cm


Approximate size guide
Extra Small –  Length: 10.5cm
Small – Length: 15cm
Medium – Length: 18cm
Large – Length: 22cm
X-Large- Length: 31cm



Double Pocket Tote Bags
Approximate size guide


Small Tote Bag (Double Pockets)
Size: W30 X H35

Medium Tote Bag (Double Pockets)
Size: L36 X H42

Large Tote Bag (Double Pockets)
Size: L40 X H45



Care Instructions
We would highly recommend hand washing your collar and leash.
Lay flat to dry.


Please note
All our products are handmade and therefore no two are identical.
Actual colours may vary slightly depending on your screen, therefore
we cant guarantee that the colour you see in the photos are exact to the actual product.


Please, keep in mind that no collar is indestructible. Please check the item regularly
for wear and tear and replace when necessary. Pattefrenz will not be liable for any injury or loss caused directly or indirectly by our products.

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