‘Vivid Geometric’


Handmade in Singapore
Polypropylene webbing,
High-End Hardwares(Gold/Silver) (Korea)
18K Gold Plated Hardwares(refer to test report)
Anti-Corrosion(refer to test report)
Designer Fabrics sourced internationally
Strong and quality sewing thread(Japan)
Matching leash available
Collar comes in different sizes and widths
All our collars are adjustable with a slider in different sizes
Stitched multiple times at every stress point
Safe and fast quick release metal buckle
Hand wash only


For chain martingale collar, when you attach your leash to the D-ring on the chain loop, the loop tightens and prevents your dog from slipping out of the collar. It is perfect for training dogs not to pull while on a leash, and also for certain breeds that may have smaller heads.

All of our martingale collars are designed with two d-rings, one offers the gentle control of a choke chain, while the other offers the same control as a standard collar or can be used to hang your dog’s tags.

Size Chart

Proper Usage: When martingale collars are properly fitted, they should be comfortably loose when not in use.
When the loop is pulled, the collar should be very snug, but should not constrict dog’s airway.

*Please note that the Martingale collars should not be left on an unattended dog.
Please check your dogs collar for fit and comfort often.