Pet Shower Filter (Made in Korea)




Pets Shower Filter Removal of Chlorine for Better Skin and Fur

Did you know that your furry friends are also able to enjoy the benefits of antioxidants water?

100%  safe for your pet!  Our Vitamin C Shower Filter neutralises 99.9% of chlorine and chloramine and generates
an abundant amount of antioxidants to promote a healthier and more lustrous coat!

Leave your pet fur soft, shiny and healthy!

How to install

Vitafresh Pet Shower easily connects to your shower mixture. Vitafresh Shower Filter easy
to install and the flexible hose connects quickly.

Moreover, Brush Shower Head give comfortable massage and brush pet’s hair smoothly.
Also, this shower head allows you to control the flow by on/off button.

Benefits for Human

Enjoy refreshing shower with Vitamin C, Chlorine free, pressure increasing, s
silky shower spray, water saving and soft water.

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