Fun Tree Dog Toy Set




304 food grade of stainless steel for inner bowl, and excellent ABS for the outer white body.

1.7L big capacity contains 750 grams of food, for middle & large sized dogs.
4 units to calculate the weight: gram, ounce, pound, milliliter.

The inner stainless steel bowl is easy to take out and wash in a dishwasher .
Combined with PETKIT App, the accurate food quantity can be calculated and showed
on the screen according to pet’s profile, like weight, age, breed, food brand, etc.

Removable Inner Tank and Easy to Wash

Made of 304 stainless steel which is Corrosion-Free and Acid-Resistant,
usually used in containers or even medical equipments.

The stainless steel bowl is convenient to dismantle  and both for hand and dishwasher washable.

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