‘Wild Grass’


Handmade in Singapore
Polypropylene webbing,
High-End Hardwares (Korea)
18K Gold Plated Hardwares(refer to test report)
Anti-Corrosion(refer to test report)
Designer Fabrics sourced internationally
Strong and quality sewing thread(Japan)
Matching leash available
Collar comes in different sizes and widths
All our collars are adjustable with a slider in different sizes
Stitched multiple times at every stress point
Safe and fast quick release metal buckle
Hand wash only
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A Martingale Collar is a type of collar that provides more control over the dog without the risk of choking like some other collars. Simply slip the collar over the head and adjust the slide to fit the width of the neck.

Martingale Size Chart

How to Use a Martingale Collar With Buckle

The action of a martingale collar should be pull and release, pull and release. It is not meant to provide constant tightening action. It will tighten when pulled on, then the slack in the leash should release the tension and relax the collar. If you find your dog pulls constantly we recommend seeking the assistance of a trained professional to help you with some basic loose leash walking skills and training for your dog.

Always inspect your collar for damage including torn webbing or worn buckles before use.

How to measure?

  • skull girth (1)
  • neck girth (2)

  • Make a hoop of your measuring tape and string it around neck
  • Measure dogs head girth (widest point of skull) Do not forget ears!
  • Measure neck girth from the point where collar fits naturally.
  • Make sure that the measuring tape is not too tight but still tight enough.
    (tip: keep your finger between neck and measuring tape)

Martingale Safety Considerations

Although martingale collars are great for everyday walks, the looser design has a slightly higher chance of becoming caught on objects or during play with other dogs. Some professionals recommend only using martingale collars on walks

  • Dog’s should never be tethered and left unattended for any period of time while wearing a martingale collar.
  • Do not use with a retractable leash with a martingale collar.  The constant tension of the leash will engage the martingale control loop.
  • Martingale collars should be removed before crating your dog.

 **We test all of our products on our own pups and would never ship out items we would not use ourselves. We classify our collars as fashion collars and while they are sturdy and perfect for everyday use, we do not recommend them for overly-aggressive pups. With that being said, every dog is different and it is your responsibility to know what is right for your fur baby.

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